Your Brief Guide to the Basics of Commercial Groundworks
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Your Brief Guide to the Basics of Commercial Groundworks

Your Brief Guide to the Basics of Commercial Groundworks

Whether or not you know much about the construction industry and practices, you will have likely heard of the term ‘groundworks’ before. But what does this actually mean, and what makes commercial groundworks different?

Keep reading and we’ll tell you all you need to know – consider this blog your commercial groundworks 101.

What is Groundworks?

To put it simply, groundworks refers to any work that is carried out in order to prepare the ground, both surface level and subsurface, at the start of a construction project, ready for building work to take place on top.

What does Groundworks Involve?

Such work can involve a number of different tasks, including the following:

  • Ground Investigation – This determines the stability and quality of the land, as well as establishing its previous uses, identifying if there are any potential problems or hazards that need to be considered.
  • Site Clearance – This involves clearing any debris at the site so that construction can begin. This will also include taking up the layer of topsoil, typically using an excavator, in order to make room for the necessary foundations. If necessary, the site may also need to be levelled at this stage.
  • Substructure and Ground Stabilisation – This involves everything that sits below the lowest floor of the new structure, including the foundations and damp proof membrane. In regards to ground stabilisation, this is likely the building or retaining walls, but can include other things.
  • Services – This refers to all the supplies to a site, including temporary or permanent drainage and the connection of utilities (namely gas, electric and water).
  • Landscaping – This typically involves the alteration of the surrounding landscape, often done for access, such as creating new pathways and surfacing these, amongst other things.

How Does Commercial Groundworks Differ to Regular Groundworks?

All groundworks typically involve the same practices, however when referring to commercial groundworks this is generally on a much larger scale, rather than domestic groundworks which are usually done in preparation of a new home being built. As such, more man power and plant machinery will be needed to complete the project with maximum efficiency.

Extensive project management is also needed, since the logistics that go into the planning of such large projects need to be precisely thought out in order for the work to be completed on time (often commercial construction projects must meet strict deadlines) whilst remaining within a realistic budget.

Examples of buildings that would require commercial groundworks include:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Office blocks
  • Retail centres

Groundworks Contractors

If you need professional groundworks contractors for your commercial project, then you’ve come to the right place. At RKC Contractors, we pride ourselves on delivering quality commercial groundworks.

With impeccable workmanship and exceptional customer service, we always go above and beyond to ensure we play our part in ensuring your project goes as smoothly as possible.

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