How are Sewers Constructed in Commercial Groundworks?
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How are Sewers Constructed in Commercial Groundworks?

How are Sewers Constructed in Commercial Groundworks?

When constructing a commercial building, there are a lot of aspects that need to be carefully considered and planned so that the end result is a usable building that is fit for purpose. Part of this includes the feature of a functioning sewer (if required), but how does one go about constructing a sewerage pipe and connecting it to the main system?

It is groundworks companies who are responsible for this. They will do the necessary work to make space for and install sewer pipes for a commercial building to be connected to. To learn how this is done, keep reading below to see the basics of the process step by step.

1.  Trenches

The construction of sewers or drainage pipes counts as commercial groundworks since they must be done before the rest of construction can take place, as they must be laid into the ground. This takes us to the first step, then, which is for excavations to take place in order to form trenches whereby the pipes will lay.

These trench bases must be adequately supported and free from muddy ground, water and soft areas, and any boulders or tree roots must be removed from them. They should be adequately dewatered in order to provide a firm base for the pipework.

2.  Pipes

Once the trenches have been formed and are in adequate condition, the pipes will then be laid down. These pipes must be a maximum of 3m before they are joined using small pegs that fit into adjoining sockets.

These jointing seals must be free from grit and silt etc. to ensure that the pipe length won’t fail air testing at a later stage.

Once the pipes have been laid down, then manhole covers may also need to be connected to them at any access or inspection points to the drainage system. They will also be reinforced with concrete along the sides.

It is after this has been completed that testing will then occur to ensure there will be no leaking.

3.  Backfilling

Once everything has been fitted and tested, assuming everything is in working order, then the trenches with the pipes in will be backfilled with the originally excavated soil, which (unlike the trench) will then be watered so that it can be packed down tightly.

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