What Are The Benefits Of Security Fencing?
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What Are The Benefits Of Security Fencing?

Security fencing is one of many options available to protect your business, property and equipment. It’s an effective preventative solution that guards against intruder access, acts as a significant deterrent to crime and can help save your company substantial money in the long run.

Read on to discover just how important security fencing can be for your business.

Why do I need security fencing?

Security fencing has a number of benefits and can protect your property no matter the size.

Here’s just a few advantages security fencing can provide:

Increased security

Security fencing is an integral protection measure for commercial and industrial sites and properties. It can defend your premises from theft, vandalism, trespassing and other forms of crime. The sight of a fence lets people know that the area within is off-limits, as well as placing a strong barrier in between property, people and equipment and those with ill intentions.

When a crime has been committed, security fencing also limits the possible exit routes that criminals can take, thereby granting you more time to call the police or giving your security personnel a better chance of catching them before they can get away. This reduces the likelihood of your business being targeted again in the future.


Regardless of the size of your business, you’ll want to protect your employees and other people who use your site, as well as keep the general public safe and avoid them from interfering with your operations. There are many reasons you may not want people outside your company accessing your property – you may wish to keep children away from busy roads and machinery or maybe even protect any wildlife living on your land.

Greater access control

Installing security fencing means you will have greater control over who accesses your premises. To create easier access for workers and employees, you’ll also be able to install gates that allow their entry while making sure trespassers are unable to enter.

Reassurance for visitors

Security fencing can help those who visit your site feel safe and secure, in addition to boosting the reputation of your business. Whether you own a factory building on an industrial complex or are hosting a live music event at an outdoor venue, it’s important that the guests and visitors that visit your premises are assured that you take security seriously.

A cost-effective long-term investment

Security fencing is a great way to save money for your business. Other forms of security, such as entry control systems and alarms, will require regular maintenance and replacing. Fences are a low-cost long-term investment that will last for years to come – they’ll bear up against volatile weather and any attempts to gain entry remarkably well, neither rusting, corroding or denting in any way.

Deterrent for crime and antisocial behaviour

Security fences act as great visual deterrents and are effective at preventing crime. A high, robust security fence will look intimidating in addition to serving as a strong physical barrier, dissuading intruders and vandals from entering your property.

Easy to maintain

Unlike other forms of security measures, fences are low maintenance and will last for many years. In contrast to technology and electronic devices, it won’t need to be regularly serviced or updated. All you have to do is make sure your fence is installed professionally and is made of durable materials.

Adaptable to fit your business

The range of security options available means that you’re bound to find a fencing option that suits your business. Whether you’d like a fence that surrounds the perimeter of your property or a strong, durable fence that intimidates intruders, you’re guaranteed to find a fence that meets your needs.

Greater privacy

Organisations such as government or military establishments, prisons and schools require a great deal of privacy to maintain their day-day operations. Similarly, some factories, hotels and recreation facilities will want to reduce outside intrusion and create a calm environment for their employees and clients. A security fence is a great way to enhance this kind of private atmosphere.

More durable than standard fencing

Security fencing is considerably more durable than regular fencing. Often constructed out of steel, these fence structures can offer robust protection from bad weather and intruders – you won’t have to worry about replacing a run-down fence.

What kind of businesses need security fencing?

These are just a few examples of businesses that can benefit from security fencing:

Construction sites

Secure fencing is a necessity for dangerous work areas, like construction sites or new building development. Construction zones are not only vulnerable to squatters and trespassers occupying the space during off-hours, but also pose a risk to the general public due hazards like electrical equipment and machinery. Limiting outside access also prevents any future liability if someone hurts themselves.

Government buildings and sensitive material centres

For government buildings and other premises that hold sensitive information and data, security is a top priority. To prevent theft and break-ins, investing in quality security fencing is crucial.

Nursery and daycare centres

Any facility that cares for small children will need to make sure they have protective measures in place to stop curious toddlers from venturing too far. A security fence can help keep children safe and make sure employees have greater control over who can access the building, keeping intruders out.

Invest in long-term engineering solutions from landscaping contractors near you

Sourcing security fences is as simple as it sounds and it’s often a good idea to turn to one of your local groundworks companies. At RKC Contractors Ltd, we understand the importance of keeping your property safe. That’s why we’re proud to manage a skilled and capable team that are experienced in installing a broad range of practical fencing solutions whilst maintaining an exceptional finish every time.

Here’s just a few of the security options we provide:

Palisade fencing

Palisade fencing, the most frequently used type of security fencing, has been around for about 100 years. Its features include steel pales connected to horizontal rails and sturdy vertical joints, creating a solid boundary to protect commercial properties and industrial spaces. These robust structures have spiked tops and no footholds to deter climbing and are available in a range of heights and materials. Palisade fences are usually reasonably durable, offering a considerable level of security.

V-mesh fencing

V-Mesh fencing, the term used to describe welded mesh panels that have a V shape within their profile, provides a comprehensive addition to your properties security system. This anti-climb mesh fence is stronger than it looks, and offers excellent perimeter protection for your property. Due to its versatile appearance, it can be used by a range of premises and can surround large areas without restricting the view. It holds aesthetic appeal and is often available in a variety of colours to suit company brands, making it a popular choice for parks, schools and sports grounds. It is also resilient against weathering.

Timber fencing

Timber fencing is the ideal choice when you want your security measures to be slightly easier on the eye. An affordable security option for low risk properties, timber fences create a solid appearance and deterrence to intruders.

Automated gates/barriers

An automated gate system usually includes a combination of automatic barriers and bollards that are paired with a vehicle access control system to provide ordered entry and exit. They can protect your property perimeter, reduce accidents and serve as a security feature.

Armco barriers

Armco Barriers are typically used in settings such as car parks, industrial sites and some retail areas to prevent vehicles causing damage to people and property. These safety barriers are made from robust galvanised steel that’s tough enough to withstand the impact of a car. They provide a cost-effective means of protecting people, buildings and equipment.

Found yourself searching for ‘civil engineers near me’? If you’re searching for some additional security measures to protect your property, RKC Contractors Ltd is on hand to help. We have many years of experience in providing businesses, homes and local authorities with temporary and permanent fencing solutions to suit their security needs. With realistic pricing and a skilled, hardworking team, we are your reliable security fencing experts. Contact us today for more information.


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