Simple Landscaping Ideas To Bring Your Garden To Life
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Simple Landscaping Ideas To Bring Your Garden To Life

Simple Landscaping Ideas To Bring Your Garden To Life

It can be easy to leave an old garden to degradation and disorder, or a new garden to its  original, characterless arrangement. A garden is a wonderful space to have, however. Many of us have learned just how much throughout the pandemic and government restrictions.

It’s a privilege to have a garden, and it can be a sacred, safe place to feel rejuvenated and closer to nature in the comfort of your own home. Read our guide for top tips on relatively simple landscaping projects that can breathe life and vitality into your garden.


If your garden has been neglected for a while, it may be looking a bit of a mess. Give your garden a good clear out, getting rid of weeds, dead plants, or any other rubbish. This will give you a better sense of your lost space, and what you’re working with.

Avoid Plant Crowding

It can be tempting to get a lot of flowers, shrubs, and other plants for your garden. But overcrowding not only causes visual chaos that we generally find less aesthetically pleasing, but some plants will be crowded out by others and die over prematurely.

Plants with room are happy plants, and feature more effectively when not lost among a jumble of others. Well spaced plants are also easier to maintain, and create the sanctity of a neat garden.

Curve Lines

Often new gardens in new homes are minimal and lacking in imagination. They appear as if premade, out of the box, and somewhat soulless.

For speed, ease, and simple functionality they are often basic in design with straight edges. This is at odds with the nature that gardens feature. Curved pathways, flower borders, and other garden lines provide a more natural and interesting appearance.

Frame The Lawn

Speaking of lines, simply framing a lawn with low hedges, small pavers, or other low boundaries, can make your garden pop. It makes a verdant lawn more of a visual feature than a simple patch of grass.

Focal Points

A good focal point or (or several) can really tie a garden together. Whether it’s a sculpture, a well pruned Japanese maple, or simply a brightly coloured shed door, points of interest help guide the eye through the garden and dispel uniformity.

Be sure to choose features that scale appropriately with your garden, however, as focal points that are too large will crowd the space and diminish your garden. On the other end of the scale, features that are too small will fail to serve their purpose and be lost to the garden.


Last but not least, a garden should be a place to be enjoyed and experienced, not just looked at. Some inviting seating solutions make your beautiful new garden homely as well. Invest in   loveseats or a simple bench.

Consult With Professional Landscapers

For fresh ideas tailored to your space specifically, consult with professional landscapers and groundwork companies. They’ll also be able to undertake the work if you’re unable to.

RKC Contractors are experienced domestic and commercial groundworks contractors who can help you with anything from landscaping projects to building a new foundation for a shed. Get in touch today to find out more.


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