Transforming Spaces: Why Use Commercial Landscaping Services
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Transforming Spaces: Why Use Commercial Landscaping Services

Nature provides us with a plethora of green spaces and outdoor environments to utilise in any way we see fit. Whether your business enjoys a pocket of greenery in the middle of the city centre or if you’re reaping the benefits of working in a more rural space, the natural world provides us with numerous opportunities for pleasure and productivity.

But it can be difficult to manage a large commercial green space without professional help, where groundworks demand large quantities of tools and equipment alongside the expertise to handle them adequately. As such, it may be beneficial to look to a professional service for the management of your outdoor area, a decision which could save you money in the long run and result in a higher quality outcome than going it alone.

Read on to learn more about the numerous advantages of choosing a commercial landscaping service to manage your green space.

What Is Commercial Landscaping?

Before we go into the benefits of commercial landscaping, it is important to understand exactly what this service refers to. Landscaping in general describes the process of making a garden, piece of land or other outdoor space more aesthetically pleasing and useful through the alteration of its appearance and design. This can be done through the restructuring of the soil, the shaping of pathways and with ornamental planting.

Some landscaping teams will offer a comprehensive service that includes the planning and design of an outdoor space, in addition to the installation and maintenance of these new features. Landscapers can work on projects of varying size and complexity, where commercial services focus on sites that are geared towards producing a profit or rendering a public service.

Hard & Soft Landscaping

This type of land management can generally be divided into two categories. Hard landscaping refers to the design and installation of permanent structures such as pathways, patios, fences and drainage systems. In comparison, soft landscaping refers to the greenery that can then be installed amongst these solid features, including grasses, trees and ornamental planting.

Commercial Landscaping Services: The Benefits

There are numerous benefits of opting for a commercial landscaping service to help you manage your outdoor space. These range from financial to aesthetic, where it is always worth consulting the experts if you’re hoping for a major landscape makeover.

Some of the key benefits to look forward to include:

Professional Design Standards

If you opt to work with a commercial landscaping service, then you can guarantee that you will be receiving a high quality standard of design for your space. Your landscaping team will draw up individualised plans for your site that take into account your wishes as well as the needs of the land in order to deliver the best possible results.

Expert Advice

A professional landscaping team will be experts in their field, so they will be able to provide you with tailored advice and information about your land requirements. This includes things like how best to design your drainage and irrigation systems as well as what planting is best suited for your soil types and climate. Advice such as this can help to create a hardy and self-sufficient landscape that will endure for years to come.

Total Space Transformation

A commercial landscaping team will be adept at handling large scale projects, meaning they will be able to offer you a total transformation or redesign of your space if desired. This can consist of the redistribution of soil and pathways to create new levels, usable outdoor areas and visually appealing planting.

Professional Tools & Materials

As a commercial service, large landscaping teams will have access to the kinds of tools and equipment not available to the general public. This is especially true if you need heavy duty machinery to complete your groundwork, or if you require large quantities of greenery to be installed. Working with a professional service ensures that you’ll be able to get hold of everything you need to get the job done right.

Uplift Public Spaces

If you’re investing in commercial landscaping for a public space, then you will inevitably provide a range of benefits for your local community. The improved appearance of parks, school grounds and other public spaces can help everyone to enjoy their local greenery whilst having pride in their surroundings.


A professional landscaping team will be able to complete a large groundwork project with greater efficiency than if you were to handle this task yourself or with an amateur gardening team. As such you can expect to see high quality results on a shorter timeline, saving you money on excess resources and labour along the way. You will also end up with a professionally designed and installed landscape, where this will help to increase the self-sufficiency of the space and reduce costs further down the line.

Maintenance Services

No matter how well designed your new outdoor space is, it will still require a degree of maintenance and upkeep to preserve its appearance. This includes lawn care, tree pruning and proper irrigation, where a professional landscaping company is likely to offer a maintenance service to help you take care of your new greenery.

Attract New Clients

If your business depends on attracting new customers, then a well-maintained outdoor space can help to build your profile. Whether you’re working with a compact office groundspace or larger public venue, it’s important to ensure that your landscape is working to support your commercial efforts. A professional landscaping service can help you to keep everything looking at its best in order to give your brand a boost.


Although it can be tempting to take on landscaping projects yourself, it’s always best to employ the experts, especially for a commercial space. This is because public sites in particular must appeal to designated safety and access legislation, which can be covered by a professional design team. You also want to ensure that your site is installed with proper drainage to prevent excess soil erosion and to limit flood risks, which could put your property in jeopardy.

Improve Property Value

When it comes to adding value to your property, one of the best things you can do is invest in your outdoor space. A properly maintained and designed landscape can add another key dimension to your commercial building, helping to attract new buyers or simply develop the profile of your business. It can seriously damage your site valuation if your building is situated in overgrown or poorly maintained surroundings, where paying attention to your landscape should become an essential part of your groundscare process.

Key Commercial Landscaping Tools & Equipment

Excavators: These multi-purpose vehicles can be used for a range of construction tasks depending on the attachment used, where shovels or breakers can be used to dig trenches, relocate soil deposits or uproot tree stumps.

Strimmers: This grounds maintenance tool can be used for the clearance of large swathes of overgrown vegetation, where you can choose from fuel-powered or electric models.

Leaf Blowers: Keeping lawn areas clear of leaves and other debris is a vital part of ground maintenance, where a leaf blower can make this process easier than raking leaves by hand.

Lawn Rollers: A roller can be used by hand or pulled behind a tractor to flatten out an uneven lawn or to encourage the germination of freshly sown lawn seeds.

Hedge Trimmers: It is also important to keep on top of hedge and shrub growth with the help of hedge trimmers, where these can be used to maintain uniform shapes or create original topiary displays.

Skips & Refuse Bags: Landscaping also involves site clearance and the management of natural waste, where this demands ample storage space in the form of bags, bins and skip containers.

RKC Contractors Ltd: Commercial Landscaping Maintenance & Design

At RKC Contractors, we can take on a wide range of commercial landscaping projects to help you to cultivate your ideal outdoor space, where our team is equipped to handle both hard and soft landscaping tasks.

We also provide an additional range of specialist groundworks services, including driveway maintenance and septic tank replacement. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.


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