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Commercial Hard Landscaping – What Does It Mean?

Landscaping by definition refers to any type of activity that can modify the visual appearance of an area. Some landscaping activities involve working on a piece of land that has already been developed, while some work from the ground up to create an entirely new space.

In the world of landscaping, you can divide it simply into two categories. Hard and soft landscaping. Read on to find out more about both and how commercial hard landscaping can help you.

Hard Landscaping

Both hard and soft landscaping are used to create a cohesive space that looks great and is functional. Unless a space has already been prepared for soft landscaping, hard landscaping will need to be done. Hard landscaping is used to make the foundations on which the space is created, creating the form and structure from scratch.

Hard landscaping can refer to quite a few things but often involves creating paths, driveways, decking, patios, walls, steps, fencing and other similar elements that can be the base for soft landscaping. The materials used in hard landscaping usually include rock, concrete, asphalt, timber, metal and brick to create these foundations.

While soft landscaping can be seen as more decorative, hard landscaping is a lot more practical. It can focus on creating spaces that deal with issues such as drainage, erosion and creating necessary boundaries. A lot of pre-planning will go into hard landscaping to ensure any services undertaken are correct for the circumstances and space.

Soft Landscaping

In contrast to hard landscaping, soft landscaping deals with the soft materials in an outdoor space. Hard landscaping often lays the groundwork that can then be finished off with soft landscaping. This can include the upkeep of things such as grass, shrubs, trees and flowers using techniques like weeding, trimming, planting and digging. Soft and hard landscaping are very different to each other and are mostly done by completely separate people due to the different skills and equipment required. Some companies, such as us here at RKC Contractors, offer both hard and soft landscaping services.

Groundworks From RKC Contractors

Here at RKC Contractors, we provide our customers with a range of services, including groundworks, landscaping, security fencing and civil engineering to both commercial and domestic customers. We are a CHAS-accredited company who are committed to providing our clients with the best possible solutions, creating innovative solutions to fit a customer’s exact needs.

Our hard landscaping services for commercial customers can help to transform a space into something practical and aesthetically pleasing. Our hard landscaping services are great for laying the groundwork for a space which can then be completed with soft landscaping.

If you’d like to find out more about our services and how we can transform your space, get in touch today.


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